Our management

Far from the traditional hierarchical structure, our firm seeks to create a working atmosphere where each member of the team is considered on an equal footing. An office where the different actors are collaborators rather than employees subject to each other.

Lajoie & Pearson is a study in which there is a unique dynamic, where each member of the team invests in the office using their ideas. A workspace promoting the shock of ideas and the intellectual contribution of each.

In this way, you have the guarantee, as a client, that your file will be reviewed, reassessed and discussed many times by our entire team, all in order to allow us to offer you the optimal solution to your problem. A management model at your service.

Our services

Beyond our commercial sign and the facade of the building, what awaits you when you enter our offices? Light, transparency and openness. A physical environment that perfectly matches our vision of customer service. We will clarify your rights the nature of the legal problems that concern you, all with a transparent approach where collaboration between the professional and his client will prevail. 

In addition, our sense of openness will ensure that you will always feel welcome at our offices with a friendly approach. Far from the cold and intimidating atmosphere preferred by other boar members, we favor a familiar and warm attitude with our customers. 

In our offices, our clients do not feel inspected and judged by complacent professionals. People from all walks of life are welcome and receive as professional service as each other. In short, our customers come to seek competence and respect at a reasonable price. Combining professionalism and humanism is the ideal pursed by our service.

Our mantra

Grant a winning idealism to an honest realism. Knowing how to put the interests of our clients forward with zeal while favoring an ethical approach to the practice of law. Defend important social values while honorably earning a living. Here you will find a brief portrait of our ambitions at Lajoie & Pearson, a law firm that aims to be both dreamy and modern.

We aim to provide a client experience that is the opposite of the over-the-top practice of law and the abusive marketing of access to justice.

However, as provided for in the Lawyers’ Code of Ethics, lawyers must refrain from giving their profession a profit-making character and not seek greed or greed for gain, a concern which is at the heart of our activities.

We therefore present ourselves as a leftist firm offering talent and creativity at a fair price. More than just the field of law, our office also wishes to take part in current social debates. It is with this state of mind that we pleaded and won our case before the Court of Appeal on the question of the right of homosexual couples to adopt children through a surrogate mother. We are very proud to have been able to contribute in our way to change our society.

At Lajoie & Pearson, we change the world, one customer at a time.